Meg Mac, a personal favorite!

As you may know, I’ve been lucky enough to travel in Australia. During my time there, I discovered Meg Mac, one of my favorite this year.

Meg Mac EPI’m finally getting back to work, and it is, for some reason, thanks to this EP. Meg Mac is a promising young songstress from Australia. If you’ve been reading this blog for awhile, you would probably have heard of her. In fact, I had several opportunity to share something from her: she collaborated with Sid Pattni, released some music and she also have been singing on Triple J for their famous Like A Version.

Available since last September, Meg Mac‘s eponymous debut EP confirm my initial impressions: she is very talented. I’ve been waiting for this EP, and now that I heard it, I can’t tell which track is the best. Though, I can definitely say that this EP is a must-have, and again, one of my favorite this year. You will definitely hear more from Meg Mac on my blog, so stay tuned. :)

For more informations:
Twitter: @megmacmusic
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